Friday, February 4, 2011

Gong Xi Fa Cai :D

Went temple hopping for Chinese New Year's Eve with my family, and decided to have dinner last night to celebrate the Year of the Metal Rabbit.  Hubby is still sick, and my brothers were both busy, so I only had dinner with my parents and little J at Lugang in Greenhills.


Their Xiao Long Pao is the best I've had here locally :P Dad and I had two orders.  Even little J joined in on the munch :)

We also had dry noodles mixed with pork and cucumber. Not bad!  This gives me another idea for what to serve for dinner :)

Mom was vegetarian last night (The reason behind that should be reserved for another post), so she settled for Fried Tofu and Pechay with Pumpkin soup and chestnut—Another great idea for what to serve for dinner at home ;)  For dessert, we had their milk custard with mango. It was just right, not too sweet and overpowering.

The FINALE? Little J's ang pao (means "red envelope" in Chinese that is used by elders to give to the young and single—it has money inside :D)  This one below is made out of purple paper though... modern designs for modern times ;)  For those who are curious, the purple foiled character is the surname of my dad which is pronounced "Gong" in Mandarin.

Cheers to more blessings for the year of the Metal Rabbit ;)

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