Friday, November 26, 2010

What a Week :o

A few months back, budding designers Audrey Ednacot and Kato Chua asked me to be one of their muses for their show at Members Only.  Their reason? I was the very first one who featured them, and they wanted to thank me by including me in their show.

I cleared this with my boss, and she gave me the go signal for this.  But as the actual date closes in, I was having second thoughts on joining since I felt I was too old to be part of this hip and young group :o  At the same time, I was too shy to tell these two girls that I won't be able to make it.  So, there... I made it to their event; and I'm sure glad I did, 'coz I was able to catch up with a few friends I haven't seen for the longest time :) 

Chia Hollman-Yulo, who was my intern in Pink magazine

Hairstylist and makeup artist Ruel Papa (we go way back PBB Teens 2).  He did the hair of all the muses that night, great job!

My "baby" cousin, Gerovy King

My dinner:

My dress paired with Forever 21 platform booties, Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch and Forever 21 connector ring.  Hoop earrings by Diamant.

And lastly, thank you Thons and NJ for the support --- naks!

BTW, Thons and NJ---Do you remember this photo? hehe...
NJ introduced me to Thons that night ;)
embassy nj thons

I'm off to Tagaytay (Nurture Spa) tomorrow, courtesy of Neutrogena. Will be up by 5AM :o
Will share photos soon! :)

Enjoy the looooong weekend!

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