Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Working Piece: Gray Maxi

More often that not, when you're too busy thinking about work... you tend to grab the easiest clothing pieces to wear for work.  I try to avoid wearing the same clothes within a month or so, but opted to work with basics like this gray maxi.

About two weeks ago, I reincarnated this gray maxi, and paired it with pops of neon:
gray maxi

The neon pink top was too loose on me, so I wore it over the maxi.
Belted it with a neon yellow cord as a breaker to this long ensemble.
gray maxi

I love rose gold :) I accessorized with these sandals and Michael Kors chronograph watch.
gray maxi

Fresh from the laundry, I picked this maxi again and matched it with this floral chiffon jacket, with pink wedge sneakers.  It was the perfect outfit to wear to the store, as I attended an event at SM Aura Premier that day—gotta be chic and comfy for working days "in the field" :)

suite blanco outfit 

From lounge chic to street wear, a solid-colored maxi can be very much like a little black dress.  You can definitely have fun with this basic.
*all items are from Forever 21, unless mentioned. Pink wedge sneakers from; black sling bag from Chloe.


  1. Look! JJ has a cameo appearance! Haha.

    You just inspired me to revive my grey maxi skirt. Thanks Janie! x

    1. Marj!!! :D
      Yes, all of my shots for this look was with him :) He wanted to be part of the pic hihi...


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