Wednesday, July 27, 2011

First Real Shopping Trip

I can't believe I went to HK to shop—overnight and over the weekend!  
I made this decision because:
1. my mom was there with my auntie (her sister)
2. my dad asked my mom to work on some paperworks there, so I followed just to make sure everything is okay
3. my friends were there too

So, here I am in the airport shuttle bus on my way to Causeway Bay to stay at my mom's hotel. HKD 65 round trip :)

Glad that the bus offered free wi-fi service :D

Had a "date" with Thons and John (whom I met in UK and stayed a night with him and his hubby):

and Preston

We went on a bargain hunt ;)

With me shopping quite a bit at the Prada/Miu Miu outlet :o

So happy with my finds, though I've overspent for the year with my UK trip :o
Hubby says I deserve it with all the work I've been doing. 
Thanks for understanding hihi... Love you, babe!

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