Monday, July 11, 2011

Belated Celebration

JJ got sick the day we were supposed to celebrate his 2nd birthday with my side of the family, so we only got to have lunch yesterday at Uncle Cheffy's at Burgos Circle.  I've always loved their pianizza: we ordered their Cheese, Cheese, Cheese and decided to have another one with beef—yummy!

We had their beef platter as well:

Everyone was full so we didn't order desserts, but we had Little J blow the candles placed on our table :D I think we sang about 5 times for him; he was so happy :D

Notice that hubby and Little J are wearing the same shirt styles ;)

So cute, don't you agree? 

P.S. I am actually in awe that he already knows how to blow. Some kids' idea of blowing is inhaling air ;)

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