Monday, May 30, 2011

Outfit Post

Apologies for the short posts, as I need to get some sleep.  Plus, my flickr account is full already for the month of May :o  While we await for tomorrow to arrive, here's an outfit post of what I wore the next day: This photo was taken when we arrived at Darlington station, where Nikki picked us up. She lives a few minutes away from here.
Striped maxi dress, leggings (worn inside to keep me warm). Both from Forever 21. Scarf from Hermes.  White long cardigan from Hong Kong, and a cracked silver suede reversible jacket by Jeff Rogador.

The photo below was taken today. This was our last day at Stockton, where we stayed for the past few days:
Floral dress and leggings by Forever 21, white long cardigan from Hong Kong, scarf from Hermes, paired with Jeff Rogador's reversible jacket with floral brocade-esque fabric.

Loving the jacket, because I get to wear it two ways—very photo-op friendly ;)

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