Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Divi Shopping

I went to Divisoria last Saturday, and bought myself some holiday gift bags.  Along with those, I bought stuff for little J as well:

A chair that I got from the same stall that sells paper bags, for P120

I didn't know that it makes a sound whenever you sit on it, until little J did.  He loves the chair that he sits down on it every chance he gets.  He brings it up to his room, or brings it downstairs when he eats, too!

A Ben Ten watch that has blinking lights, P75 ;)

This adorable stuffed tiger hat that we can use when we go to cooler places.  Price: P150

I bought more stuff that I wasn't able to take photos of.   Shopping at Divisoria is always fun, and you really end up buying more than what you need, so I always bring just the right amount of bills so I won't go over my budget ;)

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